Fall’s 5 Most Trendiest Nail Colors

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Nail trends change with the season just as fashion trends do. Below is a list of fall’s 5 most trendiest nail colors:

Reds and Orangey Reds

Classic scarlet nail polishes as well as orangey red nail polishes always seem to be in style for every season and occasion. Such bright red and orange colors tend to work best on shorter nails, though, so if you have longer nails, you might want to consider these colors for a pedicure instead. For manicure nails consider a deep burgundy like Essie in Carry On.


Taupe nail polish is especially trendy this season. This color is great for any manicure because it looks well on any length of nails. Creamy coffee colors are perfect for the fall’s earth tones. OPI’s Get in the Expresso Lane nail polish is fabulous. Alternatively, Chanel le Verquis Nail Colour in Quartz offers you a lighter, shimmery taupe.


Ombre nail polish is in this season. Ombre is a type of nail art in which the top and bottom halves of the nail are painted two different colors. Some suggested colors for the fall season are black bottoms tipped with green or black bottoms tipped with blue.

Greens and Blues

Green and blue nail polishes are predictably fashionable for this year’s fall season. Fall is a time of earthy colors, so green and blue nail polishes will complement the season nicely. Forest green goes especially well with fall’s earthy colors like Deborah Lippmann in Billionaire. If you don’t favor the usual deep blue polishes and dark green polishes of fall, though, consider a mermaid-like turquoise color like YSL La Laque in No. 43.


Nude nail polishes follow the same rule as reds and orangey reds. They always seem to complement every season. China Glaze 77001 is a nude that offers a slight shimmer.