How Massage Can Help Reduce Menstrual Cramps

29 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on How Massage Can Help Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Every month, many women suffer from severe and debilitating menstruation symptoms that include mood swings, cramping and headaches. While they may be irritable, much of the blame for their problems can be blamed on the tension that occurs within their muscles in response to the release of hormones each month. In order to escape from the severity of their period pains, many women visit doctors, take medicine and even alter their diet. Unfortunately, their painful symptoms continue to recur each month despite an array of treatments. However, the monthly agony of menstruation does not have to be a recurring event. Massage therapy can be done in order to obtain relief from menstrual pain.

Massage therapy can help with menstrual pain by addressing the physical and emotional symptoms that accompany a woman’s monthly cycle. First, a massage therapist will begin to utilize their techniques in order to apply pressure to the muscles of a woman’s body that are involved in menstrual cramps. They can rub on the abdominal area in order to relax the core muscles that contract in response to a woman’s hormones. Additionally, counter pressure applied to a woman’s back and thighs can help to alleviate the deep pain that is associated with heavy cramping.

As a woman begins to feel her muscles relax, she will begin to find that massage therapy can be a cure for her monthly woes. By helping to alleviate the tension in her muscles, a woman will also find that her emotional state will return to a calm feeling of serenity. As her pain begins to disappear, headaches and other discomforts will become a thing of the past. Massage therapy sessions can be arranged monthly in order to alleviate menstrual pain and other symptoms. However, many women find that visiting a massage therapist throughout their cycle can help to stop their menstrual pain before it has a chance to begin.