Healing the Skin After Damaging Sun Exposure

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Sunburn is often a painful and annoying consequence of trying to catch a few rays. One of the negative effects of sun exposure, this and other skin conditions can be remedied with a few simple, soothing ingredients.

A qualified esthetician has an arsenal of natural ingredients at their disposal to help treat a client’s sunburn. An example would be a honey-milk soak. The fats and proteins in milk help soothe the rawness of the burn and reduce the appearance of redness while the antiseptic qualities of the honey provide protection from infection.

Have you ever heard that a dairy product such as milk, yogurt, or cheese is more effective in counteracting the burn of spicy food than water? Not surprisingly, the same principle applies to sunburned skin. The yogurt compress or bath is a favorite spa treatment for sunburns. Pieces of cheesecloth are soaked in cold, full-fat yogurt before being gently applied to the affected areas. After 10 to 15 minutes, the cloth is removed, and the client rinses off in a cool shower.

Avocado, a fatty fruit famous for its mild flavor and buttery texture, is also a superstar ingredient for sunburn relief. Ripe avocados are blended with heavy cream, aloe-vera gel and oatmeal to make an avocado whip. The whip is then applied to the body and covered with plastic for 30 to 45 minutes before removal.

These treatments along with a healthy diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, limited sun exposure, and daily moisturizing and exfoliation can help heal skin and keep it looking young and fresh. Always use sun protection if you plan on spending time outdoors. Also, use hats, sunglasses, and loose, comfortable clothing to limit your skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays. These sun safety measures are the best way to prevent sunburn.