Detoxify with an Acti-Sea Mud Wrap

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The stress of daily life is taxing on your skin. To detox your body and soften your skin naturally, treat your body with an acti-sea mud wrap. Dry, dull skin is rejuvenated by the natural nutrients provided by the sea while the toxins you are exposed to every day are gently cleansed from your body.

A lush spa treatment, acti-sea mud is made from five varieties of seaweed harvested from the French coast in Brittany. Each of the five varieties contributes a different vitamin and mineral profile, combining to create a nutrient-rich mud pack that is ideal for any skin type.

During a treatment, warm acti-sea mud is smoothed onto your skin and wrapped to seal in heat. While you relax, the nourishing minerals in the mud penetrate your skin, hydrating and revitalizing to improve skin s texture. Moisture is sealed in, leaving your skin luxuriously supple and firm.

While the beneficial nutrients sink in, your body goes through a gentle dextoxification. The rich vitamins and minerals help to stimulate your thyroid for improved metabolism, and the gentle warmth promotes improved blood flow to flush toxins from your system. Acti-sea mud even fights damaging free radicals, helping to fight signs of aging while toning your skin and cleansing your body.

At the end of a treatment, the mud is gently removed, leaving you feeling soothed and refreshed. Hydrating, detoxifying acti-sea mud wraps will not only soften your skin but promote a feeling of overall wellness, helping you to feel good about your mind, body and soul.