The Healing Benefits of Hand Treatments

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Most health and beauty treatments focus solely on the face, however one of the most heavily ignored areas that harbors many unwanted telltale signs of aging in both men and women, are the hands. Hot water, sun exposure, dry climates and hormones, can all affect how the skin on the hands ages. More and more spa treatments are focusing on the revitalization of the hands as part of an overall healthy skincare routine.

Many women and men suffer from muscle stiffness and joint pain in their hands and while conventional therapies can work wonders, often it is a proper hand facial that can also provide relief. Many such therapies focus on using paraffin waxes coupled with gentle massage, both of which can offer a client relief from muscle inflammation and arthritis as well as and help to improve circulation to the joints

A hand treatment can also serve to both exfoliate and moisturize the skin on overworked hands. The exfoliation process can take years off of dry, flaky and itchy skin while working to eliminate dull, rough patches. This process allows the skin to absorb the necessary moisture critical to keeping skin youthful and firm. Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and chronic dry skin, can benefit in less than 30 minutes with a hand facial.

For those clients interested in naturally focused hand treatments or for those with extra sensitive skin, many spas now offer a wide array of services that utilize organic and naturally sourced ingredients. Clients can indulge in everything from plant-based extracts such as papaya and pumpkin enzymes to gentler exfoliants found in Willow Bark and sea salt. Also, clients can choose from a number of options that focus on a holistic approach to hand heath that include but are not limited to Reflexology, cuticle care and overall nail maintenance and treatments that help to deeply soften skin.

The skincare that is so vital to protect the face can also be used to offer overworked hands much needed relief and turn back the clock. Many of these focused treatments are steeped in vitamin rich products that promote collagen production, reduce skin irritation, help retain vital moisture and reduce age spots and discolorations. Any visit to a spa isn’t complete without some much-needed attention to one of the most underappreciated parts of the body.