Leave It, Don’t Tweeze It

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Have you seen a person who has tweezed almost all their eyebrows off and then tried to draw on some eyebrows? It doesn’t look good, but it is very easy to go a little overboard when tweezing your eyebrows and before you know it you’ve gone too far.

There are many different ways to shape your eyebrows. Plucking eyebrows is cheap and easy, but it is very time consuming and it is can be very hard to get the shape right and to make sure that both eyebrows are even. This can also be quite painful.

An esthetician can remove hair by threading, which involves rolling a fine cotton thread over the eyebrow, plucking out the hair by the follicle. Threading is long lasting and done quickly.

One of the best ways to shape your eyebrows is to have them waxed. The esthetician has been specially trained in how to shape eyebrows. They will consult with you and help you decide what shape eyebrow is best for you. The esthetician will cleanse the eyebrow area, apply powder and then apply warm wax. When the wax has hardened, it will be ripped off quickly. Your first waxing may hurt a little, but it will hurt less and less each time you have it done.

Your first visit may take a half an hour, but touch up appointments will usually take only about five and ten minutes. After an appointment with an experienced esthetician, you will have beautiful brows that complement your face and bring out the beauty in your eyes. Waxing will provide beautiful brows that don’t need any touch ups for two to eight weeks, depending on how fast your eyebrows grow. When you get an eyebrow wax, you never have to worry about having too much hair removed and having to pencil it back in.

An eyebrow wax will provide you with long lasting, evenly shaped, beautiful eyebrows. Don’t forget your man when you’re getting your eyebrows done. Mens waxing is now avaiable for your man’s eyebrows.