Sensual Spa Treatments to Soften Skin

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Smooth and supple skin is something that most women do not think they can achieve. But there are methods available, both professional and home spun that can lead to baby soft skin. These tips for soft skin and spa treatments can be used individually or in conjunction to do what is best for your skin.

Oxygen therapy facials

One of the gentlest professional treatments available. Oxygen therapy facials nourish the skin and hydrate with oxygen, vitamins and minerals that are infused directly into the skin. This treatment will not only slow the signs of aging, but can also help to heal the skin.

Chemical peels

There are many different kinds of chemical peels available on the market. Lighter peels will take away the top most layer of skin, leaving the client fresh faced and with healthier skin. Deeper chemical peels can help to repair skin problems like sun damage, and can also help to reduce the appearances of pores. These peels can also help to improve the skin’s collagen production.

Enzyme treatments

An enzyme treatment is a milder version of a chemical peel. The enzymes will break down and polish skin cells, and can help to give skin a healthier glow once again.


The diamond tipped microdermabrasion system helps to polish skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving behind fresh and healthy skin. Not only is this treatment effective, it can also be done in just about an hour.

There are ways to help maintain and soften skin between trips to the spa. The easiest way to help maintain skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help keep skin fresh and soft. Think of your skin like a delicate flower. It needs nutrition and lots of water.

A good moisturizer is another way to maintain the baby soft skin between trips to the spa. There are even tinted moisturizers available that can take the place of bronzer in a woman’s make up routine.

Healthy skin habits can make all the difference in the world. When paired with regular spa treatments, healthy and glowing skin is more than possible, it is easily attainable. Skincare does not need to be something only the wealthy can attain. A professional can help find the routine that is right for you, and your skin type.