When to Seek Rehabilitative Massage for Chronic Pain

20 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on When to Seek Rehabilitative Massage for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an unpleasant fact of life for so many people. They try to ease the pain with medication but most are not aware of the restorative and pain-relieving effects of massage.

For the best results, massage therapy should be part of a complete pain management plan. The patient needs to be accessed by a physician, the cause of pain diagnosed and a plan of treatment put in place. Massage therapy should become a part of the treatment team as soon as chronic pain becomes a problem.

Usually, massage needs to be scheduled at regular intervals. The pain may not be improved until after several sessions of bodywork. There are different kinds of massage, and an experienced therapist knows what will be effective for the type of chronic pain.

Massage works on many levels to reduce and eliminate pain. At its most basic level, the therapeutic touch of the massage therapist reduces anxiety and stress that tightens muscles and increases pain perception. Bodywork also releases endorphins, which give a feeling of well-being, and the results are increased energy and better sleep patterns.

Pain treatment with massage interrupts the cycle of pain that occurs when the muscles tighten around an area of discomfort. Mobility and pain relief is achieved as the massage relaxes and lengthens these muscles and increases blood flow to the area.

Trigger point and deep tissue massage may be indicated for muscle spasms and scar tissue. Acupressure points may be used to adjust the flow of energy.

Many different kinds of chronic pain respond well to massage therapy. Cancer patients report less anxiety and a greater sense of well-being. The pain of arthritis is relieved by increased blood flow to the affected joints. Vascular conditions that reduce blood flow, and central nervous system problems are improved by skilled massage. Many fibromyalgia patients report less pain when they have massages at regular intervals. Even degenerative diseases of the aged are improved by massage.

For people with chronic pain, common sense health practices combined with a comprehensive pain management plan will increase their quality of life. Massage therapy is a necessary part of this treatment.