The Proof is in the Shellac

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Next time you treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, consider the newest trend in nail color application. A Shellac mani or pedi will last for two weeks or longer, depending on the speed of your nail growth. Shellac nail colors offer a beautiful, lasting shine that is virtually immune to chipping or peeling.

Your licensed nail technician will have been specially trained in the Shellac application process, which takes less time than traditional nail services. The drying time is nearly non-existent, since the Shellac is quickly cured under an ultraviolet lamp at stages throughout the process.

The technician will clean, buff, and shape the nail before applying a special base coat, which will be cured under the UV lamp for about ten seconds. Following this curing stage, two coats of Shellac nail color will be applied to the nails. After each coat of color is applied, the nails will again be cured under the UV lamp. A top coat will then be applied to keep your nails looking fresh, shiny, and beautiful for several weeks. A final curing session of two minutes ensures chip free nail color that will continue to look as though you just stepped out of the nail salon for the duration of the time you wear the Shellac. A quick swipe of alcohol on a soft cloth completes the process.

Shellac is an especially good choice for people who enjoy wearing nail art. You and your nail technician can get as creative as you like, layering color and creating a unique and attractive nail design that will outlast airbrushing and traditional nail polish applications. Unlike regular nail polish, Shellac colors do not fade, chip, or wear off. The special curing process ensures that your nail design will remain intact and beautiful until you have it removed.

Maintaining your Shellac manicure or pedicure is effortless. It is helpful to protect hands from harsh chemicals and avoid acetone nail polish remover, and you should never pick at the Shellac as the nail grows.

Removal of the Shellac is simple and easy. After about two weeks, you may begin to see new nail growth at the base of the nail. This is a good indicator that it is time to have the Shellac removed. To remove the nail color, the technician will buff your nails and soak them in a solution designed to aid in the quick removal of the nail color. There is no need for “fills” and other maintenance associated with long wearing nail applications. Instead, after the Shellac is removed, you can select another color and/or design and begin the process again.