Spa Treatments for After the Sun

09 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Spa Treatments for After the Sun

While a day in the sun may leave you with an allover glow it may also leave you with the need to pamper your body to keep that glow going. It is especially important after exposing your body to the drying power of a day in the sun, and all that comes with it, to treat yourself to a little TLC. You know that lying on a sandy beach will definitely play havoc with your skin so now’s the time to pay close attention to skincare. You want your body to absorb all the benefits of a day outdoors while ensuring that you are doing everything you can to nourish and replenish your body’s natural oils.

What type of treatments should you consider after a day in the sun? To keep your tan looking its best and lengthen its healthy glow, consider exfoliation to remove dry skin cells and then soften your skin with a massage using moisturizing massage oils. Not only will you feel relaxed and refreshed, but this option will leave your body soft, supple and feeling nourished to the bone.

A visit to the spa is the adult version of a kid in the candy store. Pampering yourself comes in so many options. Select a facial that promotes deep cleansing or offers anti-aging benefits. Your face will look and feel great. Choose a manicure that provides more than just changing the polish on your nails. A proper manicure will remove the dry cuticles around your nails leaving your hands soft and smooth. Combine a soothing foot massage with a pedicure to leave your feet picture perfect. Select the treatments that best address your needs and then … simply enjoy!

Whether you’ve spent just a single day on the beach or a week on a tropical island, follow it up with a spa visit that will give you an overall feeling of rejuvenation and wellness.