Spa Treatments to Eliminate Acne

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Acne, pimples, zits or spots; call them what you will, but these signal a skin condition that nearly 80 percent of us will suffer from at some point in our lives. While there’s no permanent cure for acne, there are plenty of ways to treat its symptoms. Besides developing a daily skincare routine yourself, spas today have a wealth of facial treatments available to help rid yourself of pesky pimples and the havoc they can wreak on your skin.

For Acne

Facial Masks

These can range from mud, fruit and vegetable or botanical masks, but they all claim the same results: a reduction in outbreak frequency and severity. The process usually involves warm, moist towels placed on the skin to relax and open the pores, followed by some mild exfoliation and a soothing, tightening and/ or rejuvenating mask. The masks utilize the best nature has to offer, like the lycopene in tomatoes or antioxidants in blueberries.

Light Chemical Peel

Despite what the name implies, chemical peels don’t peel off the skin. Instead, they rapidly exfoliate it, using alpha- or beta-hydroxy acid and glycolic acid. It can remove dead skin cells, clear pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In this instance, it pays to be superficial. These peels only affect the top, superficial layers of skin so there’s no recovery downtime.

Laser Therapy

By targeting a gentle laser onto the skin, bacteria are zapped and overactive sebaceous oil glands are reduced in size. This type of treatment is also recommended for those suffering from severe acne.

For Acne Scars

Blue Light Therapy

Similar to laser therapy, blue light therapy uses a specific, low-intensity blue light from a laser on the skin. This destroys any acne-causing bacteria and reduces both acne and its scars, while making the skin appear smoother and more even-toned.


This treatment utilizes abrasive crystals and light suction to aggressively exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and reducing both fine lines and minor skin discoloration. Many spa-goers report a “mild tingling” sensation post exfoliation, but the glowing results are well worth it.

Photo Therapy

Also called LED therapy, this treatment uses alternating pulses of red light, green light and heat applied to the skin. This combination kills bacteria and lowers oil gland production all while promoting healing for new layers of skin.

For Blackheads

Comedone Extraction

Spas offer extraction treatments specially targeted to remove comedones, a. k. a. blackheads. The extraction removes dead skin, oxidized sebaceous oil—which turns black, hence the name—and other debris pore-clogging debris. This can be done in conjunction with routine facials, since the skin is softened and pores are relaxed, allowing the process to be both easy and painless.

Oh, and guys, don’t think we forgot about you! Going to the spa isn’t just for us gals anymore. Many spas now have special facial treatments for men, including soothing masks and peels to both reduce and prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.