5 Key Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

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A deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The masseuse often combines the massage with trigger point therapy, allowing him to release pressure and pain faster. This type of massage uses a technique that involves the use of the masseuse’s hands, knuckles, fingertips and even elbows. Here are 5 key benefits of deep tissue massage.

Increases the Blood Flow

Deep tissue massage increases the blood circulation throughout the body. The body’s tissues receive more oxygen, and toxins are removed from the muscles at a faster rate. This is a perfect sport massage because damaged or distressed muscles heal quicker when toxins are removed faster.

Reduces Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain such as back pain, a deep tissue massage may help alleviate it. The increased blood flow reduces the inflammation in the painful area. Although the firm pressure hurts, it alleviates tension and loosens tightness in the muscles, often proving more beneficial than pain medications.

Lowers Blood Pressure

If high blood pressure is triggered by stress, deep tissue massage can help lower it. It relaxes the muscles, causing your body to relax, too. The extra serotonin in your body will also give you a happier mood.

Corrects Posture

If you have a problem standing straight and often find yourself slumping, deep tissue massage may help. As the masseuse uses his fingertips to massage the area on both sides of the spine, the muscles relax. This allows the spinal column to return to its correct position and makes it easier for you to stand straight.

Addresses Trauma

Trauma such as a fall, sports injury or whiplash may cause your muscles to constrict in the deeper tissues. This type of massage targets that deep tissue, releases the knots and permits the body to heal with less pain. Sometimes a masseuse will provide massage therapy training for a friend or family member so you can get the full benefits of the deep tissue massage at home.