What is Trigger Point Massage?

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A trigger point is defined as an area in the muscle that has become tight and refers pain to other body areas. For example, if there is a trigger point in a back muscle, it may cause pain the neck. The neck pain is then transferred to the head where it may present as being dull, or sharp and throbbing.

Trigger point massage focuses on relieving the source of the pain by alternating cycles of pressure and release. This technique allows the recipient to play an active role by using deep breathing and communicating where the pain is, as well as the level of discomfort.

The goal of trigger point massage is giving release to tight muscles, which brings relief from the pain. Many people report a significant amount of relief after a single session. For those dealing with chronic pain or an injury, receiving trigger point massage regularly is a good way to manage the stress of the condition.

It is also possible for a person to learn how release trigger points on their own. The massage therapist can demonstrate how to do this through the use of a rubber ball or devices like Backnobber and Thera-cane. Trigger point release can also be achieved through stretching exercises.