Help For Dry Elbows

08 Jun Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Help For Dry Elbows

Our elbows can be the driest part of our bodies. During the course of a day we bump our elbows many times. With all the friction we apply to our elbows, the skin can become thick and dark. It can also become so dry that cracking can occur. There are some ways to help the keep the skin on your elbows soft and healthy.

– Be sure not to rest your elbows on tables or other hard surfaces.

– Exfoliate the skin on your elbows regularly. Use a loofah or washcloth when you take a shower or a bath to help remove some of the the dead skin cells on your elbow.

– Regularly apply lotion or cream to your elbow. It is important to keep the skin on the elbows hydrated so that it does not become dry and cracked.

– Visit a spa and see what treatments are available to treat this area. Some spas offer body treatments to help relieve dry skin.

– If your elbows do on respond to these suggestions, contact a dermatologist to make sure that you don’t have a skin condition like psoriasis.

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