Getting a Massage While Pregnant

30 May Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Getting a Massage While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a very special time in any woman’s life.  It is a not only a time of joy and excitement, it is also a time that can be filled with anxiety.  While pregnant, the baby growing inside the mother’s body puts a tremendous amount of stress on the mother.  During pregnancy it is not uncommon for most women to experience some types of aches and pains that they have never experienced before.

One way to help to ease the aches and pains brought on by pregnancy is to get a massage.  When getting a massage while pregnant it is important that the massage is done by a licensed massage therapist with experience massaging pregnant women.  The massage therapist should make sure that you are in a safe, secure and restful position.  Most of the time special body cushions are used during the massage to gently ease the strain on your body.  Massage therapy has the ability to ease sore muscles an aid in pain reduction.  During the massage, expectant mothers will have the ability to relax and unwind from the many stresses associated with pregnancy.

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