Spa Pedicure

28 May Posted by in Blog, Pedicure | Comments Off on Spa Pedicure

Most people love to go to the spa and indulge in a pedicure.  Pedicures can be a very relaxing experience and can leave your feet looking and feeling great.  Although traditional pedicures can work wonders for the feet, a spa pedicure is the ultimate way to pamper your sore or tired feet.

Spa pedicures are done in a spa while you are seated in a very comfortable pedicure throne.  During spa pedicure, you feet will be soaked in sea salts.  Your toe nails will be trimmed, filed and smoothed.  All the calluses on your feet will be buffed away.  Any dry skin that you have on your feet will be rubbed away with a body polish.  Your feet will be massaged to relax them and rejuvenate the tired and sore muscles.  Next, your feet will be dipped into paraffin wax.  Once the wax is cooled and removed, your feet will be left hydrated and refreshed.  Finally your toes will be painted the color of your choice.  Spa pedicures are designed to promote pain relief and moisturize the skin.

If you are interested in getting a spa pedicure, contact Space Coast Massage & Spa at 321-729-9000 to schedule an appointment.