Medical Massage

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Massage therapy is not just a treatment that is designed to pamper and relax people, it is also a treatment that is commonly used to treat various medical aliments.  Medical massage is a massage that is medically necessary and has been prescribed by a physician.

This type of massage is approached with a specific treatment plan in mind which includes a set of individual goals set for improvement within a certain time frame.  These goals are charted and progress notes are sent to the referring physician.  There are a number of reasons that people receive medical massage.  People suffering from a specific event such as an injury from an auto accident or sports activity may benefit from massage therapy. Working to realign soft tissue and improve range of motion are a primary goals for most rehabilitative treatment.  Most prescribed massage therapy takes place two times a week.  Depending upon the severity and state of the injury you are trying to treat or how chronic or acute your symptoms are, massage therapy for three to six week may be needed.

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