Massage to Reduce Stress

18 May Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage to Reduce Stress

Almost everyone experiences some level of stress at some point their live.  People can become stressed from a number of different things ranging from being stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line at the grocery store to experiencing a serious illness or losing a loved one.  People try different methods of stress reduction including exercise, changes in diet or taking prescription medication.

One great way to experience stress reduction is by getting a regular massage.  People can easily become very stressed about their physical pain.  Massage has the ability to reduce pain by helping to reduce muscle tension, stimulating the blood flow and increasing oxygen supplies to the blood stream.  This, in turn, can reduce stress.  People who are stressed often feel uncomfortable and unaccepted by others.  Massage offers the feeling of human touch which can increase the patient’s  self-esteem and comfort.  This can help with stress reduction.   When people are experiencing stress, their muscles often tighten up and become uncomfortable.  Getting a massage will help to loosen up these muscle to alleviate some of the symptoms of stress.

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