Runners Can Benefit From Massage

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Runners put a tremendous amount of physical stress on their bodies every day. Many runners experience fatigue and injuries because of the toll running takes on the body.

One great thing that runners are discovering that helps them is getting a regular massage. Competitive runners are beginning to include a regular massage as part of their training program. Having a regular massage can actually enhance your running experience. Massage will help to increase body awareness and to help correct body mechanics. Both of these elements are crucial to a runner. Massage can help you to prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts. Since many runners are susceptible to injuries, it is important that their recovery time is quick. Massage not only helps to prevent injuries, but has the ability to aid with a speedy recovery and reduce down time. Runners should get a massages between hard work outs, the day before a race, immediately after a race, when an injury occurs or when an old injury is slowing you down. It is important that runners get a sports massage by a professional massage therapist.

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