Hot Stone Massage

17 Apr Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Hot Stone Massage

Massage is a technique that is designed to leave people feeling both relaxed and invigorated all at the same time. There are many benefits of massage ranging from stress reduction to reducing high blood pressure.

Although massage is a great holistic technique that has many great side effects, there are many different types of massage that are available today. One popular technique that is used in many spas is hot stone massage. Hot stone massage is a massage in which hot, smooth stones are used to massage the body. This massage is designed to be deeply relaxing and is a great stress relieving massage. Often times during a hot stone massage, the hot stones are placed on key energy points such as Chakras or Meridians. This is done in order to improve energy flow and healing. As with most other massages, hot stone massage is done in a spa and does not involve a set amount of time. Twenty-five, fifty or eighty minute massages can be enjoyed by clients. These different lengths of time allow for people to enjoy their hot stone massage for as long as they want.

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