Puffy Eye Treatment

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The eyes are the window to out soul. Our eyes are something that people are naturally drawn to. Maintaining eye contact is important in our society. Therefore, it is important to keep our eyes looking their best.

One of the problems that can plague the eyes is puffiness. One great at home treatment that works to help with reducing puffy eyes is the use of tea bags. The caffeine concentration in a brewed tea bag has the ability to effectively smooth and reduce puffiness of the eyes. Tea bags help to alleviate the fluid retention and draining into the sensitive under eye area. In order to use tea bags to treat your eyes, you must first boil some water and put in the tea bag like you were making a cup of tea. Remove the tea bag and gently squeeze out the excess water. Allow about 5 to 8 minutes for the tea bag to cool before applying to the eyes. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Although this is an effective at home treatment, one of the best ways to treat puffy eyes is with a De-Stress Eye Treatment. This treatment uses a combination of specialized products and massage to reduce puffy and stressed eyes leaving your face refreshed.

If you are interested in getting a De-Stress Eye Treatment, contact Space Coast Massage & Spa to schedule an appointment.