Spa Treatments for the Skin

30 Mar Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Spa Treatments for the Skin

Going to the spa can be a very relaxing experience. Many people go to the spa to get a massage to relieve stress and tension, while others go to the spa to receive facial treatments to help keep their faces looking youthful and beautiful. When thinking about the spa, many people do not think about getting the skin on their body treated but this is very common.

The two most common skin treatments available in the sap are body scrubs and body wraps. Body scrubs are a great way to help the skin on your body glow. Body scrubs use gentle abrasives such as salt to remove the dead skin cells on our body. This results in softer skin and increased circulation. Other ingredients such as rosemary, seaweed or lavender may also be used in conjunction with the salt. The other great body treatment option is a body wrap. During a body wrap your body will be covered in mud, creams or liquid and wrapped tightly in a blanket for anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes. The result is beautiful, radiant skin.

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