Does Massage Decrease Stress?

21 Mar Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Does Massage Decrease Stress?
In today’s society almost everyone experiences stress.  Stress can vary from being stuck in a traffic jam to struggling to maintain a relationship.  Stress can be very harmful to our bodies.

One holistic alternative that people are turning to in order to relieve their stress is massage therapy.  The act of massage itself is not going to eliminate stress from your life, but it can help with the symptoms that are associated with stress.   It is said that stress can raise heart rate and blood pressure, tighten muscles and decrease activity in other areas to conserve energy.  Part of stress relief is getting your mind off of what you are worried about.  Getting a massage will force you to relax and focus on the massage.  Massage can also help to return our muscles to a relaxed state which can lead to a reduction in stress-related aches and pains.  When we are stressed, our bodies can suppress our digestive and immune systems.  Massage can help restore normal circulation, improve immune system activity and play a role in restoring normal digestive function.

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