Express Pedicure

19 Mar Posted by in Blog, Pedicure | Comments Off on Express Pedicure
People like to look good.  Part of looking good is having a polished and put together look.  Choosing the best clothes to suit you and having cute coordinating accessories is part of looking great.  Another piece of the looking great puzzle is having properly groomed hands and feet.  Although it can be very relaxing, many people do not have time to go to the spa and get a full pedicure done.  The simple solution to having groomed, polished toes in a short amount of time is to have an express pedicure.

You don’t need to spend an hour or a lot of money to get your feet and toes looking fabulous.  An express pedicure is a prompt service that is designed to keep your feet looking in tip top shape.  During an express pedicure, your toe nails will be trimmed so they are all a uniform length.  Next they will be reshaped to a square or rounded shape.  The toe nails will then be buffed so that they will have a smooth finish.  Finally, the toe nails will be painted to the color of your choice.  You can even choose to add a design for extra pizazz.

If you are interested in getting an express pedicure, contact Space Coast Massage & Spa at 321-729-9000.