Massage for Infants with Colic

12 Mar Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage for Infants with Colic
Massage is a great holistic option for people with a variety of different ailments.  People are using massage to treat conditions ranging from stress to high blood pressure.  One great benefit of massage is that unlike drugs, which can have dangerous side effects, massage is safe for people of all ages.  One age group that is now benefiting from massage is infants.  The thought of giving infants dangerous drugs is not a comfortable one for most people.  People are now turning to massage for young babies.

One thing that massage helps with when it comes to infants is colic.  Colic is a medical condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or displays symptoms of distress frequently and for extended periods of time without any discernible reason.  This can be very stressful for new parents.  Watching their child crying is not fun and more parents are turning to massage to help their infants with colic.   Infant massage can help to reduce spasms in the colon, expel stuck gas, regulate and stimulate digestion, encourage and increase endorphin output to naturally reduce pain and decrease stress-related hormones.  All of these can potentially reduce colic in infants.

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