Getting a Pedicure During Pregnancy

02 Mar Posted by in Blog, Pedicure | Comments Off on Getting a Pedicure During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful yet stressful time in our lives.  Carrying around a child in your stomach is a wonderful miracle but it can put a tremendous amount of strain on your body.  It is important that during pregnancy you eat the right food, take your prenatal vitamins and take time out to take care of yourself.

One great way to take some time out for yourself during pregnancy is to get a pedicure.  Pedicures are designed to make the feet and toe nails beautiful while relaxing and rejuvenating the foot and lower leg.  Pedicures are most beneficial during the third trimester.  During the last trimester having a pedicure to sooth sore feet, increase circulation and reduce swelling, can make a pregnant woman feel so much better.  Another great benefit of getting a pedicure is maintaining your feet and toenails.  During the third trimester, the stomach is popped and it is very difficult to bend down.  Simple tasks like clipping or filing your toe nails or painting them.  Having a professional pedicure is a great way to stay on top of your feet and help you relax.

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