Massage and Weight Loss

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Can massage actually make you lose weight?  The simples answer to that question is the act of massage itself will not make you lose weight.  However, getting a regular massage can help to enhance many aspects of your weight loss program.
One major way that massage helps to enhance weight loss is by helping our bodies when we work out.  Many people experience pain after a hard work out.  This pain can keep us away from exercising for a long period of time.  Massage will soothe muscle strain and allow you to get back to your exercising routine more quickly.  Not everyone works out in the proper position.  This can lead to tightened muscles and even knots.  Massage will increase circulation and relieve the tension.

Massage has the ability to increase circulation which can heighten body contour.  Fat and cellulite can be reduced with regular massage.  Massage has the ability to leaving one feeling rejuvenated, beautified, energized and relaxed all at the same time.  All of these can leave to a boost in your mood.  The boost in your mood coupled with the reduction of aches and pain will leave your motivated for your next workout and more weight loss.

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