Getting Acrylic Nails

27 Feb Posted by in Blog, Manicure | Comments Off on Getting Acrylic Nails
Acrylic nails are very popular.  For those who cannot get their natural nails to grow, acrylic nails can give you the appearance of long, beautiful nails.  Since the maintenance on acrylic nails is not very involved or expensive, they are a great way to enhance your hands.

Some people believe that acrylic nails will harm your natural nails.  People can have the notion that keeping acrylic nails on for long periods of time will cause damage to your natural nails or even infection.  The truth is acrylic nails are not harmful to your nails.  People do, however, need to be cautious when getting acrylic nails.  If a gap forms between the acrylic nails and the natural nail, a nail infection can develop.  Also, some people are allergic to some of the components of acrylic nails.  In order to have acrylic nails done in the safest possible way, here are some simple rules to follow:

–          Only get your nails done in a professional establishment with a current state license and by technicians who are licensed by the state board.

–          Be sure that all tools used during your nail treatment have been properly sterilized.

–          Do not allow your cuticles to be pushed back or trimmed.

–          Request a new nail file or bring your own since nail files cannot be sterilized.

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