Massage For Senior Citizens

15 Feb Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage For Senior Citizens

When most people think about massage, they picture young adults going to a spa and getting massaged to unwind from their everyday life.  People don’t usually envision senior citizens getting massaged, but this can be a great way to improve their quality of life.

Senior citizens are the most common age group to suffer from chronic pain.  They also tend to have more medical issues than any other age group.  With medication having so many potentially dangerous side effects, the senior citizen community is turning to more holistic treatments to help with their ailments.  Massage for senior citizens is almost the same as a massage for anyone else.  The only difference is the massage therapist will take special precautions and care as to not injury their older clientele.  Massage has been shown to lower blood pressure and aid in alleviating chronic pain.  Massage has also been linked to decreased muscle spasms and stiffness, increased mobility and providing social interaction for senior citizens.  Those with Alzheimer’s have shown calming effects while receiving a massage.  Massage is a treatment options for people of all ages.

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