Spa Pedicure

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Most people don’t realize how much stress we put on our feet.  Our feet bear all of our weight when we are walking, standing or exercising.  Almost every activity that we engage in involves the use of our feet.  We may not think that we need to take out any time during our day to pamper our feet but this might just be the thing our feet need.

One really great way to pamper our feet is by going to a spa and getting a spa pedicure.  A spa pedicure will indulge your feet in a way that a traditional pedicure cannot.  Your feet will be soaked in sea salts while your nails are trimmed, filed and smoothed.  Your calluses will then be buffed away.  A body polish will be applied to the feet to hydrate your skin and help take care of dry skin.  Next, a mask will be applied to rejuvenate tired skin.  Your feet will be massaged to relax you and help with sore muscles.  Your feet will then be dipped into a paraffin dip to refresh them and promote pain relief, dry skin relief and moisturizing.  Finally, your toe nails will be painted with the color of your choice.

If you are interested in getting a spa pedicure, contact Space Coast Massage & Spa at 321-729-9000 to schedule an appointment.

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    It seems like a good idea to take advantage of all popular spa treatments if you’re spending the day there. Pampering your fingers and toes seems like the perfect idea in this instance. Great post.