Facials To Clear The Skin

08 Feb Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Facials To Clear The Skin
If you are like many Americans, the skin on your face is not perfect.  Millions of people have skin impurities such as blemishes, acne, white heads or black heads.  There are many over the counter products that may help with these issues, but none are as effective as professional facials.

People who have blackheads or non-inflammatory blemishes will benefit from regular facials.  During a facial treatment, extractions are done by the esthetician to remove blackheads.  This cleans the pores of any excess oils or cellular debris so that blemishes are less likely to form.   Those with mild inflammatory acne can also benefit from facials.  Facials consist of a cleansing of the skin, extractions and use of product to reduce surface oil, remove dead skin cells, soothe and hydrate.  This will allow for clearer skin that is less likely to produce impurities.  Estheticians will be able to determine your skin type and what condition it is in.  Based upon these observations, the esthetician will be able to make appropriate recommendations to help with your individual skin issues.  Keep in mind that the best results will be achieved if a facial is done on a regular basis and you do a skin care routine at home.

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