Can Massage Really Lower Blood Pressure?

27 Jan Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Can Massage Really Lower Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure is a very serious medical condition that plagues many Americans.  High blood pressure can affect anyone at any age.   It is important to have your blood pressure checked regularly by a medical professional.  Having high blood pressure leaves people at a greater risk for heart attack, kidney failure or stroke.

Many people turn to prescription medication to lower their high blood pressure.  These medications, however, can come with serious side effects.  What if there was a holistic way to help lower blood pressure?  Can massage really lower blood pressure?  The simple answer to this question is yes.  Long-term studies have shown that those who have a massage done on a consistent basis have lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure.  Massage has been shown to lower cortisol stress-hormone levels and depression, anxiety and hostility.  Stress, anxiety and hostility are all factors that can lead to high blood pressure.  While receiving a massage, people can have the feeling of being cared for and taking charge of their health.  Massage is a very relaxing experience that can lower stress levels and in turn lower blood pressure.

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