Medical Massage

20 Jan Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Medical Massage
A medical massage is a massage that is medically necessary.  It is a treatment that is  prescribed by a physician and consists of a specific treatment plan.  Each medical massage client has individual goals with a certain time frame.  These goals are charted as well as the progress during the massage.

There are a number of reasons that a person would need to a seek medical massage.   Individuals who were injured in an automobile accident or sports activity can work with a medical massage therapist to realign soft tissue and improve range of motion.  Medical massage can help to normalize dysfunctional tissue caused by poor posture or repetitive motion strain.  Most medical massage takes place twice a week.  Depending upon how bad the injury or how chronic or acute the pain is, medical massage can last from three to six weeks.  In most cases, home care stretching and strengthening exercises will be used along with the medical massage therapy.   Medical massage can even take place in the tranquility of a spa.   Some spas even accept medical insurance.

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