Royal Spoil

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If you have four hours to set aside for yourself and are looking for the best way to get pampered, why not try a Royal Spoil spa package?

The Royal Spoil spa package consists of four delightful spa services; a Swedish relaxation massage, a European facial, a spa manicure and a spa pedicure.  This service begins with a Swedish relaxation massage.  During this relaxing full-body massage, long smooth strokes are used to increase relaxation, increase circulation, and improve skin and muscle tone. After the massage a European facial will be done.  This facial includes cleansing, steaming, and extracting of the skin as well as an individualized masque and a facial massage.  It is designed to detoxify the skin and leave the complexion cleaner and healthier.  Next, a spa manicure will indulge your hands.  During the spa manicure, the hands will be exfoliated, dipped into paraffin and massaged to moisten and refresh the skin while helping to alleviate stress and tension.  The nails will be shaped, filed, buffed and painted with the color of your choice. The final treatment is a spa pedicure.  During the spa pedicure, you feet will be pampered with a massage, a rejuvenating mask and a paraffin dip.  The toe nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and painted with the color of your choice.  The Royal Spoil is designed to leave your body relaxed and refreshed.

If you are interested in indulging in a Royal Spoil spa package, contact Space Coast Massage & Spa at 321-729-9000 to schedule an appointment.