Hand Facial

12 Jan Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Hand Facial

Most people believe that the best way to judge a person’s age is by looking at the skin on the face.  This is one way to get a guess how old someone is but there is another way; by looking at their hands.  Our hands can be a tell tale sign of how old we are.

Our hands are a vital part of our body and take quite a beating everyday.  We use our hands for almost everything we do from typing and writing to cleaning and playing sports.  Most people do not take the time out to pamper themselves but when they do they usually don’t think about their hands.  One great way of pampering our hands is by getting a hand facial.  A hand facial can be a great way to improve the skin on your hands.  It can help the skin on your hands to look more youthful.  During the hand facial your skin will be exfoliated.  When the skin is exfoliated, the top layer of dead skin cells is taken off to revael smoother, newer skin.  The hands will be massaged.  This is very relaxing and can improve the circulation in the hands.  A masque will be applied to the hands and the skin will be moisturized.  This will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and looking beautiful.

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