A Day at the Spa – Just for Men

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When we think about a day at the spa, traditionally we picture a few women spending their day getting various treatments done and enjoying each other’s company.  Over the years, the spa has shifted from a place where women go to get pampered to a place where both women and met get pampered.

The perfect way for men to enjoy a day at the spa is with a Just for Men package.  The Just for Men package consists of two spa treatments; a hot stone massage and a men’s exclusive facial.  A popular massage for men is a hot stone massage.  During a hot stone massage, hot smooth stones are used to massage the body.  The stones are placed on key energy points in order to improve energy flow and healing.  This massage is deeply relaxing and is a great stress reliever.  A men’s exclusive facial is specifically designed for a man’s skin type and specific needs.  This facial will give men the full treatment of a European facial with an emphasis on soothing the skin that is irritated by shaving.  The skin on the face will be left with a healthy and youthful glow.

If you are interested in receiving a Just for Men treatment, contact Spa Coast Massage & Spa at 321-729-9000 to schedule your appointment.