Sports Massage – Not Just for Athletes

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Sports massage was originally designed to help athletes to get their bodies ready for optimal performance, to help them function well during training and to recover after a big event.  The goal of a sports massage is to heal and prevent the injuries to the tendons and muscles.   There are four types of sports massage; pre-event sports massage, post-event sports massage, restorative sports massage and rehabilitative sports massage.  The sports massage is designed to break down knots and increase range of motion.

You don’t have to be an athlete to need a sports massage.  People who have had sports related injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion will benefit from a sports massage.  People with a specific problem, such as a frozen shoulder, pulled hamstring or tender knee from running, can greatly benefit from a sports massage.  Instead of getting a full body massage, the sports massage therapist is focused on the problem area.  During the sports massage, the massage therapist will concentrate on a specific problem area to get quick results.  Sports massages of this nature usually take place in a spa.

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