Nail Art

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During the holiday season, people begin to decorate their homes with festive lights, wreathes and other holiday items. Many people also get into the holiday spirit by dressing the part. The color red becomes as popular color choice for clothes. Shirts with holiday themes such as snowmen, gingerbread men and candy canes become a favorite choice among those wanting to express their holiday cheer.

Accessories are another great way to expressing excitement for the holidays. Women wear necklaces and earring that have bells or snowflakes on them. One of the greatest accessories that we have is our nails. The way we keep our nails can say a great deal about us. During the holidays, a fun way to get into the holiday spirit is having nail art. Although red is a very festive color for this time of the year, how great would it be to have a candy cane design on the nail to go with it? Almost any holiday design can be applied to the nail. Some popular examples of nail art for this time of year are snowflakes, candy canes and Christmas trees. Nail art can be added to almost any nail service including manicures, acrylic nails or polish change.

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