Spa Etiquette

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Pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massageWhether you are experienced or receiving a spa treatment for the first time, you really should familiarize yourself with spa etiquette. You don’t want to be embarrassed or upset other guests or technicians with your behavior or attire. Reading the spa brochures and website ahead of time is a great way to find out what is considered spa etiquette and what you might expect.


First of all, you know how annoying it is to hear people on their cell phones everywhere you go. Cell phone usage at the spa is no different. Turn off your cell phone. You’re supposed to be focusing on relaxing.  You’re not relaxing if you are talking, texting or emailing your friends. Keep in mind this is just as upsetting to the person next to you, and the technician trying to work on you too.  Even if you’re just getting a pedicure, read a magazine instead and enjoy the day spa. 


Gratuities are another issue some quests are curious about.  How much should I tip?  Well, this depends on the spa and maybe the location too. Typically 15-20% is the norm for day spas. Many resort spas will add on a service fee and not share it with the therapist. If you are really happy with the technician or therapist who worked on you, then by all means give them something extra for their exceptional service. Very important – if you were given a gift certificate, ask if the tip was included so you are not embarrassed and the technician is not cheated.


It’s nice to be sociable but there is a time and a place. You should not annoy quests next to you who may not want to be bothered because they are there to relax. You can talk during your spa treatment or be still.  The therapist will pick up on your lead.  If you’re not talking and the therapist is being very talkative, you can politely let them know that you just really need to relax and unwind quietly for a while. Your therapist will get the hint. When you talk anywhere in the spa it’s important to be courteous and use a quiet “spa voice”.